technopeak launched IP telephony system for Banyan Tree Equestrian Centre Ras Al Khaimah

November 2014


technopeak company offers the full IT features spectrum, including IP telephony installation. Recently the sub-company of RAK Hospitality Holding, Banyan Tree Equestrian Centre Ras Al Khaimah requested professional assistance in setting up IT telephony system in its office and adjusting phones and PBX units.

technopeak professionals offered a highly reliable and powerful IP telephony solution based on Cisco hardware. It offers easy and quick extendibility and mobility of the entire system, alongside with extreme security of operation. Within the company’s staff team growth it will be possible to connect more phones or completely relocate the telephony network without extra expenses, if such need occurs. All phones work as a part of the local computer system without need to lay additional cables.

FirstBIT experts took care about providing enough memory and other system resources for fail-active telephony operation. The newly installed IP PBX system completely removed standard phone PBX for providing unlimited capabilities for international communication with customers and partners, and efficient corporate communication inside the company.

FirstBIT implemented the IP telephony solution that fully satisfies the requirements of Banyan Tree Equestrian Centre Ras Al Khaimah. Technical support and consultancy are also included into the service.

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