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Managed Storage

Manageable storage helps to keep all your data in proper order and provides universal availability of all informational resources of your business. TechnoPeak offers a service of managed storage that implies constant professional control under memory space consuming, arrangement and cleaning.


If you only plan your informational system, you need to think about how your requirements will grow in future. Usually memory space required for business grows significantly, but smart storage management helps to reduce the expenses on it and keep all your data in proper order. TechnoPeak offers the following managed storage services:

  • A web server for creating a unite data storage;
  • Ability to store and share rich media information;
  • Data archiving for minimizing the occupied memory space;
  • Database creation and management for filing data;
  • Private cloud storage.


You will be provided with storage that fully covers the needs of your business, without spending money on unnecessary resources. The data infrastructure will be comfortable for heavy data exchange, utilizing your business infrastructure and other special characteristics. Additional services will help to keep data secured from potential threads. Professionally managed storage is the one clean from outdated information and other unnecessary elements. Ongoing storage maintenance helps to keep fast data exchange speeds, enough free space for efficient system operation, develop custom data infrastructure that fully reflects your business evolution.

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