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Enterprise cybersecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic
November 2020 Вecause of the coronavirus outbreak offices have been forced to adjust their working conditions and transfer to remote environments. And obviously, they introduce a lot of unique challenges to deal with. Here are some top tips for companies to protect themselves during these hard times.

Preparations to keep your enterprise data safe.
November 2020 There are a lot of great things in echnology development but, al always, there are some downsides and one of them - proportial advancement of various malicious internet activities, especially cyber attacks. In the past few years we’ve seen a rising sophistication of them them and will continue their evolution in the future.

Cyber-risks of working from home
November 2020 It’s quite a popular opinion in cybersecurity community that the end user is the weakest part of the whole corporative protection system. Actually, that is why phishing attacks have become a #1 threat.

Top IT trends for 2021
October 2020 Analysts from the Gartner, Inc. have announced their vision of future trends in the IT industry in 2021. The crisis caused by the COVID-19 has pointed to the imperfections of existing infrastructures and systems and thus, helped to develop more advanced solutions for businesses and, of course, ordinary customers. Here’s our short review of them.

End-to-end encryption in Zoom
October 2020 In these dangerous times, when it is way safer to work from home then from office, it becomes crucial to protect your communication links with your colleagues. And one of the most popular videocalls services - ZOOM will soon implement maybe the most efficient way to protect your business discussions from leak.

iOS 14 security innovations - in the eyes of a security specialist.
October 2020 This iOS is quite unusual - not only because of the fact that it is independent, the previous versions have been releasing together with the new iPhones, but also because of speed of development.

Microsoft experiment with underwater data center
October 2020 2 years ago the project nearby the Orkneys started. The company sunk off big, 12 meters long barrel filled with nitrogen and equipped servers during this wild experiment.

Meet the mighty tiny PC from Intel!
September 2020 Most of the users will prefer to free the space on and under their desks and especially for these cases, Intel’s program “NUC” was born. NUC stands for " Next Unit of Computing" and it is a very small but powerful computer

Deal between Nvidia and ARM - Key Benefits
September 2020 A few days ago Nvidia and Softbank announced that Nvidia is about to acquire ARM Limited in a transaction valued $40 billion. Let's talk about benefits from this deal

Case Study - Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
June 2020 Technopeak Sees New Managed Security Opportunities with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

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