3 “P” of Personal Information Security

Most of you might hear about information security. It is quite an important field today, when almost all companies and state governments have their data stored and processed by computers.

Automation in ERP: Benefits and Trends

ERP Automation and how business may benefit from it. Many tasks can be automated using ERP solutions. Discover some of the ways automation in ERP system can streamline processes and increase efficiency.

Opening of a new office!

Opening of a new office! Technopeak has officially become an IT company registered in Abu Dhabi starting from June!

How To Prevent Data Breaches

Data beaches are an unfortunate fact of modern life. Some of the largest and most secure companies in the world have been victims in recent years. They have cost large and small companies billions of dollars..

The Pros and Cons of IT Outsourcing

As networks and digital devices become more important in the modern workplace, businesses need to adopt robust IT practices and infrastructures to remain secure and productive.

How to choose the best server solution for your business

Are you looking for the best cloud based or dedicated server solution for your business? When you first start looking for a viable server solution for your business, it can seem daunting. What type of server do you need and what does the server need to do in order to help your business operate more efficiently? Thankfully, there are things you can consider before you buy to make sure you are getting the best server for your business.

Your Data Is at Risk: Why Backup Is So Important

The loss of computer data can create an even greater impact on your business. Where it differs from the loss of tangible items lies in irreplaceable information. Every aspect of running your business depends on the data in your computers. Protecting it may prove easier than you imagine.

What You Need To Know About Email Spoofing

New emails fill your inbox daily — some are actually from people you know and trust, while others are from impersonators or extortionists and may contain malware-filled attachments.   Many scammers use a "spoofed" email account to appear to be somebody you know rather than a fraudster 6,000 miles away.

8 Must-Have Steps for a Cloud Migration Checklist

Cloud migration — the migration of data center capabilities to the cloud — ensures a higher level of efficiency by all employees. The cloud infrastructure is much easier to manage, modify, and work on.

Major Data Storage Problems

For some computer owners, finding enough storage space for all the data they receive is a real challenge. This problem is exacerbated when it comes to storing corporate data, including user databases, media, or employee projects. Even more concerning is the security, flexible management, and seamless access to data warehouses.

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