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Security Risk Assessment

Besides detecting the system vulnerabilities it is highly important to estimate what financial losses they can potentially bring. This is required to estimate the reasonability of investments for their elimination and defining priorities in data security policy. TechnoPeak performs precise information security risk assessment for small and big business enterprises using the best world practices and innovative methods.

Effective IT Security Risk Analysis

The analysis of information security risks from TechnoPeak is based on checking the statistics of network operation and assessment of vulnerabilities. It helps to prevent unwanted attacks on valuable information and minimize the impact from existing threads. As the information system is a constantly evolving environment, IT security risk assessment should be performed on regular basis. Analyzing the risks in time perspective is much more efficient than one-time analysis. You can trust your system security to the hands of TechnoPeak professionals and get the following:

  • Regular risk assessment;
  • Correcting data security system for decreasing risk of breaches;
  • Logging the history of security system operation;
  • Constant improvements of IT security to prevent newly appeared threads.

Individual Approach

Each IT system has its unique infrastructure, and there is no one general risk assessment solution for all. Our customers receive individual service that covers the features of specific system, resulting in maximally full security risk assessment report with ability of further improvements. Our security experts are ready to offer complex of improvements that will maximize your data protection.

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