Penetration Testing

Direct penetration test is focused on checking the network security. TechnoPeak experts perform complex testing by simulating different ways of hacker’s penetration into different system services and resources, checking the existing network protection mechanisms. Numerous fake attacks will be performed by our IT security engineers. Such penetration testing is used in numerous cases:

  • If the current system is required to be tested for vulnerabilities;
  • During complex testing of the newly implemented security system;
  • During regular security checkups.

Using specialized software techniques the specialists monitor the behavior of the system by numerous penetration scenarios. Running different malicious scripts shows what your security system is sensitive for. According to the results of penetration testing our customer is provided with the comprehensive report about his system vulnerabilities. Further TechnoPeak experts provide consultancy services for improving your security. TechnoPeak can work on the improvements and perform regular checkups in order to keep the system strengthened against all potential threads.

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