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VPN Connectivity Solutions

VPN technology was created for remote access to numerous digital resources of the office (computer, applications, etc.) via wireless connection (via Internet). It solves the problem of remote cooperation between a few separate office departments and gives ability for employees to work remotely. Moreover, VPN provides maximally secured access to the desktop, documents and applications.

VPN Capabilities

Being highly experienced in providing VPN solutions, TechnoPeak offers highly beneficial combination of VPN technology with efficient data security methods. We provide:

  • Analytics for defining customer needs;
  • A design of solution according to the results of analysis;
  • Deployment of the designed solution;
  • Setup and maintenance;
  • Quality control;
  • Technical support.

While earlier VPN was a technology for big enterprises with offices located all over the world, today VPN solutions for small business are highly popular. TechnoPeak offers effective solutions of such kind with managed virtual network, remote access to corporate resources and reliable data protection. Restricted access with adjustable permissions will help to secure resources from unauthorized access, and implementing connection via certain protocol provide encrypted data exchange that eliminates potential threats from the outside.

VPN also helps to provide a secured connection between your team and your clients, if you need to collaborate remotely on certain projects.

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