Data Security & Theft Prevention

What is Data Theft?

Corporate data theft is illegally accessing information stored in a particular business's servers, devices, and databases. Company data theft is a risk that affects businesses of all sizes. This theft can come from outside hackers, but most of them are from trusted insiders.

Data theft definition may give the impression that this breach is primarily based on malicious intent. However, this is not the case; a company worker may go home with sensitive company information and fall into the hand of the hackers. In addition, workers may access this information after their contract with the company has ended.

Below are ways to ensure your company has the best data theft protection;

Training Your Employees

Studies conducted show that employees cause 48 % of data breaches in small and mid-sized companies. Lack of essential awareness on business data security leads them to commit mistakes that put the whole company at risk. General employee education can help to prevent data theft in your company.

Secure Sensitive Data

Criminals may exploit your company's most sensitive data for for-profit purposes. This information may include your business secrets, customers' data, or employees' data. Such data can be used to destroy your business reputation and affect customer relationships. You should limit online access of such data to the public and your employees and always lock the room containing the company's database. This will ensure the company's data security is not infringed.

Dispose of Sensitive Information Properly

Proper disposal of sensitive data is one of the most critical steps in data theft prevention. It involves shredding hard copy documents and removing information from electronic devices. Improperly disposed data may fall into the hands of criminals compromising your company data security.

Restrict Workers from Connecting their Devices to Your Company's Network

It's your responsibility to take caution whenever your employees or visitors attend meetings with personal devices. They should all be connected to a different network than that used in your company. These devices may be infected with malware without the owner's consent, and sensitive data can be compromised if such devices are connected to your corporate network.

Ensure Your Systems are Operating and Updated

Online hackers continually modify their malware, and it is your responsibility to update your business software to be secure it from new hack threats. It is thus essential to install recent security browsers or antiviruses on your computers as soon they are released. They are the first-line data security solutions.

Verify Security Systems of Third Parties

Most businesses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi today rely on third-party purveyors for several business operations. However, there are risks associated with this partnership. If, for example, a data breach happens under your third-party vendor's watch and sensitive data becomes compromised, you will still be held responsible for the violation. Before engaging with a third-party vendor, you should first evaluate their data security services to meet minimum requirements.

Maximum Data Security at Your Fingertips

All these data information security measures are integrated into a complex system developed individually for each customer. We strongly believe that only a complex protection system that foresees all possible vulnerabilities and eliminates them can provide the required level of data theft prevention on the enterprise level. And TechnoPeak security experts offer complex data protection from theft that covers all your corporate data resources and exchange channels.

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