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Business Continuity Strategy

Any business has certain vulnerabilities that create risks of interrupting its operation process, implies financial loss, downtime and other negative effects. To avoid such consequences an enterprise should strengthen its weak sides and generate clear instructions of how to act for minimizing losses, if any disaster occurs. It is provided by building a business continuity strategy. TechnoPeak business analysts are ready to assist in creating a custom strategy of such kind perfectly suitable for your enterprise.

Business Impact Analysis

TechnoPeak experts pay much attention to analyzing the business impact vulnerabilities. The weak sides of your business are the sources of impact, and it is highly important to know them all and implement measures to minimize risks related to such vulnerabilities.

Recovery Strategy

When some disaster or situation occurs and breaks the working process, it is highly important to recover from it and start working in the shortest possible time. TechnoPeak experts perform the following job to gain this requirement:

  • Analyze the current capabilities for recovery;
  • Produce requirements that should be met to recover maximally quickly and avoid losses;
  • Analyze the different between required strategy and the current capabilities;
  • Implement the required improvements to setup an efficient recovery strategy.

Plan of Business Continuity

Keeping the business process up and running in any situation requires development and implementation of business continuity plan. TechnoPeak specialists create clear instructions for various situations like relocation, IT disaster recovery, etc. Your company will be secured for serious damages due to minimizing the downtime and optimizing efforts required for recovery.

Testing the Developed Strategy

Proper testing helps to detect the downsides of the selected strategy and quickly correct them. TechnoPeak experts always check the efficiency of their solution in practice to provide the highest quality of service and best results.

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