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Microsoft Office migration

It is sometimes necessary for businesses to move their IT functions to a new system, migrate communication infrastructure, or move their on-premises business data to new platforms. This is so because today’s companies are more dynamic, with some opening offshore branches, moving into new locations, or even forging new deals like mergers and acquisitions.

This calls for business data in Abu Dhabi and Dubai migration which entails Microsoft exchange migration, exchange online migration, and exchange server migration. We at Technopeak understand how important the smooth data migration is to businesses in UAE and therefore work to ensure that the transition period is seamless. We have a team of experts who will ensure speedy office migration.

Exchange Online Migration

Using on-premise emails is costly and not safe, and that is why many businesses are moving their operations to the cloud. A business using an on-premises server is responsible for its maintenance, updates, upkeep, and troubleshooting. The onus of maintaining its security also lies with the business. It is advantageous in the sense that businesses can leverage hosted enterprise services. It is thus able to minimize capital expenditure and maintenance costs of the on-site email servers. Many businesses are moving to cloud-based services, and it is touted as one of the key capabilities. The new generation of Microsoft Office 365 is offering the following benefits.

  • It enhances organizational communications by bridging physical barriers. Many teams work in different departments, which can make them operate in silos. Communication silos can make organizations dysfunctional which can potentially affect their productivity. Exchange online can harness communication which promotes collaboration among employees.
  • It boosts employees’ productivity by enabling them to work from mobile devices like smartphones from any place. Workers do not have to be in an office building to work as one can work remotely.
  • Fosters Real-time Collaboration because workers can share documents and communicate in real-time.
  • It empowers a business’s aging infrastructure by making it possible to reduce the number of servers a business is using. It also allows workers to hold web conferences and execute web calls.
  • Exchange server migration makes it easy to streamline IT operations as it supports cross-product dependencies, unlike on-premise infrastructure.
  • It helps businesses to be more agile in today’s dynamic business environment. Many businesses are mushrooming, and others are setting up new foreign operations. Mergers and acquisitions have become more common because businesses are always looking for ways to expand. These changes affect many aspects of the businesses, and in many cases, businesses are forced to expand their on-premise IT infrastructure to accommodate various organizational changes. In some cases, such companies establish new data centers to accommodate new employees and additional branches.
  • It increases regulatory compliance because it becomes easy to track changes as communication is usually integrated across the board. The on-premise communication ecosystem is disparate, and it is usually not easy for businesses to keep tabs on developments.
  • It makes it possible for businesses to operate anywhere. Office 365 enables one to access documents, contacts, emails, and calendars.
  • Microsoft exchange migration is secure and safe because one can bypass server mishaps, severe disasters, and technical breakdowns.
  • Exchange migration makes businesses activate litigation hold when there is a lawsuit involving them. In Litigation hold, information related to the litigation is put on freeze backed up and stored electronically.

Moving Fast and Smooth

The process of data migration office workers will truly appreciate must be fast and smooth. The upgrade will certainly increase the existing capabilities of the software applications and introduce new useful features, but for a dedicated and busy professional a halt in the work process – even for a legitimate reason – can be annoying, not to mention the potential profits that could be earned during that period of time. We at TechnoPeak understand this very well, and our highly skilled and experienced specialists always plan data migration carefully and make every effort to carry out the migration procedures quickly and hassle-free. We have the expertise needed to provide fast Office migration, Exchange setup, and data relocation from Windows Server 2003 to a higher version – and we will gladly make our expertise work for you!

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