Backup & Data Protection

Since data is the most valuable part of our business, we need to backup and protect it. However, backup and data protection is not the same thing. It’s important to distinguish the difference between them to appreciate their distinct processes. Backup is typically approached on a device-by-device basis, but it is also possible to use advanced software or services that can backup all your devices simultaneously. Automatic backup is usually done once a week. Data protection is primarily concerned with network endpoints. It is also about meeting the requirements for recovery, which will be based on the type and value of our data. So, while it is important to backup our data, we also need to protect it from loss, corruption, or ransomware on any of our devices.

When it comes to safeguarding backup and data protection, we need backup protection products and data protection services.

Backup Protection Products

The right products are vital to protect our files on the go. They are easy to install and save our work at the click of a button. We can eliminate data loss and outages with high-quality products.

Some benefits of using a secure backup product include

  • An automatic system protects backup devices from being damaged or destroyed by power surges.
  • It ensures the safety of data on our backup devices.
  • It protects data integrity and prevents data loss, such as corruption or deletion.
  • It automatically backups data to the cloud so we don't have to worry about losing data.
  • It offers multiple backup configurations, including offsite backups for peace of mind.

Data Protection Services

When it comes to data protection, the stakes are higher than ever. The cyber threat landscape is becoming more sophisticated and increased public scrutiny means increased penalties for breaches or leaks. We need a data protection strategy that provides the right people, processes, and technology controls to protect our data.

A data protection service can:

  • Improve the maturity of our data security strategy across people, processes, and technology.
  • Uncover our organization's most critical data assets, who has access to them, and how they are protected.
  • Detect, prevent and enforce policy violations to avoid data loss.

A data protection service will include data discovery and data loss monitoring. Data discovery lets us find our company's most critical data assets in minutes, so we can secure them quickly. Meanwhile, data loss prevention monitors all data activity across the network to detect potential data leaks before they happen.

Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions

A data center has a lot of tools and techniques to not just backup data for us, but also to automate its restoration. These include the use of high-performance tapes, cloud storage services, etc. When we use data center backup and recovery solutions, we can also be assured that our backups are always running in real-time. Data centers hire the best IT professionals to ensure that their clients can recover data in case of a disaster or downtime.

Drive Business Efficiency

Since data is the lifeblood of our organization, we need to keep it safe. We must not only backup all our data at regular intervals, but we must also take steps to protect the quality of the data. We can achieve these safety goals through the use of secure backup products that protect our data, data protection services, and using a data center.

TechnoPeak has many years of experience in deploying highly efficient enterprise data backup solutions alongside other protection mechanisms that in complex provide the desired level of security. We offer custom data security systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi on individual designs that utilize the latest innovations in this sphere together with traditional, time-proven techniques.

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