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What is a Firewall

A firewall security system is a security precaution installed into computers. The firewall can either be the hardware or software of the computer. The primary function of firewalls is to protect the business network. It does this by filtering traffic and blocking unauthorized persons from accessing private and sensitive data.

Moreover, it helps in blocking malicious software from infecting the business hardware and software equipment. There are different levels of business firewall protection. The key is identifying how much protection is needed. We always offer the best services to our clients, ensuring safe and secure data depending on how much protection the corporation requires.

How a Firewall Works

A firewall analyzes the company’s network traffic using a set of rules. It is configured to accept certain incoming connections while effectively blocking out unauthorized connections. A firewall is a digital traffic guard that uses pre-established rules. Therefore, it allows and blocks specific data units of communication sent through the business network.

Types of Firewalls

As we stated earlier, there are different types of firewalls, such as hardware and software firewalls. There is a third type of firewall similar to the hardware firewalls referred to as cloud-based firewalls. All firewall systems perform different but equally essential functions in protecting the computer networking systems in companies.

A hardware firewall is like a broadband router. It is physical security stored between the gateway and the network. On the other hand, a software firewall is a program working in algorithms and applications installed into the computers. We strongly believe the cloud-based firewall is the perfect corporate firewall.

Cloud-based Firewalls, also referred to as Firewall as a Service (FaaS), can grow with an organization, unlike the other types of firewalls. FaaS is similar to the physical firewall since it also offers the company perimeter security for sensitive data. There are more sophisticated differentiations on firewalls depending on the level and type of security needed. Such common firewalls include:

  • Packet-filtering - This is a management program that blocks a network’s IP protocols. It is the simplest type of security, and it is suitable for small networks.
  • Stateful Multi-layer Inspection (SMLI) - It is a standard firewall function that tracks already established connections. This firewall filters traffic based on protocol, port or state. It also operates on administrator-based rules. A downside of the SMLI is that it fails to identify good and bad web. We advise our clients to use additional software security.
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM) - It is a firewall program that combines the functions of an SMLI firewall with antivirus and intrusion prevention applications. UTM firewall also offers a cloud management feature in its functions. We recommend the UTM firewall for start-ups for all our trusted clients in the UAE.
  • Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) - NGFW is a more sophisticated security measure. It has more security levels than the previous firewalls. When the packet-filtering firewall inspects the packet header, the NGFW inspects the source and contents of the packet. It can also block advanced malware that is difficult to detect with other firewalls.

Our philosophy at TechnoPeak is to provide our clients with the best IT assistance to allow business growth, development, and functioning. IT infrastructure solutions Dubai is the anchor of modern business. Choosing the proper firewall for your business is a great step towards success.

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