Server Room Setup

A server room may also be referred to as a network server room. It is a space that is devoted to the continuous operations of computer servers and other IT equipment. These rooms are initially designed for this purpose or created as the need arises. There is a difference between setting up a data center and setting up a server room. A data center is an entire building devoted to the housing, storage, and support of many server hardware and IT equipment. On the other hand, server room requirements are specifically designed and allocated to store servers on our company premises. It includes some of the following:

  • Cooling
  • Aisle containment
  • UPS[Uninterruptable Power Supply]
  • Redundancy of cooling and power systems
  • Power distribution
  • Monitoring
  • Cable management
  • Servers, switches, and software
  • Fire protection

Server Room Requirements:

Building a server room requires some considerations to ensure that the network server room can perform its functions. The five concerns are:

  • Cable termination and management

    When it comes to how to setup a server room, it should be laid so that current demands are met, and future needs become a logical add-on of the original room plan. For efficiency with moves, adds, and changes, horizontal ethernet cable should be terminated on patch panels. It is recommended to choose 24 or 48 ports and a minimum of 20% ports for growth or unexpected additions.

  • Racks, cabinets, and enclosures

    If you prefer a server room setup that is neat and organized, you need to have a well-thought-out plan for housing our equipment and cable or infrastructure solution provider Dubai

  • . In addition, our company needs to consider: the size and quantity of any server, patch panels, switches, airflow, and any equipment which supports these items, such as UPS, keyboards, monitors, and power strips, when planning for equipment mounting solutions.

  • Power and lighting considerations

    When planning for power in a new equipment room, we must remember:

    1. At least two dedicated AC duplex outlets with independent branch circuits are recommended. The voltage and amperage of these outlets will depend on the equipment manufacturer’s requirements.

    2. When it comes to installing duplex or quadruplex outlets, it is advised that they are 6 inches apart.

    3. Power outlets are not to be controlled by a wall switch in our data room. It minimizes the chances of confusion with other regulators that may lead to accidental network shut down.

    4. Telecommunication and data rooms should have a committed power panel.

  • Temperature control

    Controlling the temperature and humidity of our phone and data network equipment is critical. Overheating network equipment may require a simple reset process; on the other hand, it could stop operating entirely, or if the equipment is too hot, start a fire. Therefore, need to check the manufacturer’s specifications for temperature and humidity and keep the room within those requirements.

  • Access

    When protecting your digital assets, TechnoPeack only think of outside threats such as malware and viruses. However, anyone walking into our building is a potential threat to our network. Therefore, it is critical that, at a bare minimum, to have a door for the network room which remains locked and only accessible to authorized personnel. In addition, it is recommended use door access technology that allows us to manage access from a web interface.

    When building a server room, these are the steps to follow:

    1. Determining appropriate room size

    2. Setting up hardware for storage

    3. Keeping the room cool

    4. Making space for cables

    5. Developing security procedures

    6. Allowing for monitoring

Sever room requirements are: spatial, equipment, cooling, and electrical system specifications. TechnoPeak specialists have solid expertise in server room design and ready to assist your company and all it support amc clients  in obtaining a secure, reliable and high-performance server room setup. Whether you are looking for upgrading your current hardware or design a completely new server room from scratch in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, our experience will help you to get proper implementation of your plans.

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