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Ranked the best IT support providers across the UAE, Technopeak covers all information technology needs and requirements for your modern business with quality and efficiency. Our IT company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offers comprehensive it infrastructure solution , support services, including office IT setup and infrastructure, email server administration, data safety, computer security services, standard software development, application maintenance, electronic data exchange, staff computer training, web mastering, and support documentation processing and many more.

Our IT Infrastructure and Relocation Services

If you are looking to start a new business or relocate your company to another office in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, TechnoPeak is the company to call. Our company offers the best office IT services across the UAE. There are various issues involved in new office IT infrastructure setup such as, Structured Cabling System preparation, looking for new contracts with internet providers, dismantling and assemblage of servers and IT equipment, and systems connection and testing.

Our company takes care of that and even takes a step further to transfer your security system including, video surveillance system (VSS), access control system (ACS) and can even build it from the ground up. For your IT setup, TechnoPeak will:

  • Prepare the transfer plan
  • Tag and document your IT equipment
  • Charge-free IT audit of the current systems
  • Give recommendations on the IT infrastructure upgrade and maintenance cost minimization
  • Design, install and test SCS in the new office
  • Search for and contract with an Internet service provider for your new office
  • Design the relocation plan
  • Dismantle IT equipment in the old office
  • Reassemble IT equipment in the new office
  • Build a design VSS and ACS installation structures
  • Moving select IT services to Cloud, and many more!

Here's why you should choose us for your office IT services:

Our Solid Experience

Our company has a solid experience in IT transfer arrangement. With more than five years of experience, our company is the best local provider of IT assistance in the UAE. Our 500+ team of professionals is prepared to use their collective skills and expertise to assist in new office IT infrastructure setup guaranteeing you the best quality service.

Our service Accountability

By choosing us as your new office setup, we will assign a dedicated IT consultant to prioritize all your company's needs and ensure that they are all met to satisfaction. We believe that our team of dedicated specialists will provide the most efficient solutions to satisfy your needs. it support amc dubai

At TechnoPeak, we deal with all your IT infrastructure problems and it support AMC Dubai, from internet service providers to server warranty providers. Reach out to our IT support company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Efficient Communication

By contacting us for your office IT solutions, we will assign you a dedicated IT Consultant who pays exclusive attention to your business needs. At TechnoPeak, we believe that a devoted team of IT specialists will offer the best IT solutions for a new office compared to randomly selected workers.

Our team of professionals will offer immediate assistance whenever a problem arises through remote desktop support—solving most of your issues with a 30 minutes turnaround time. And if the issues are complicated, we will reach your newly set up office within two hours and resolve the problem.

Our Efficient and Effective Services

Our company understands that IT infrastructure is the foundation of any modern business, and that's why we provide our clients with the most efficient and effective IT services. We continuously extend our service range, improve service quality and operate within the latest IT standards and innovations.

We provide IT setup for new office in the most convenient manner for our clients. We adapt our schedule, provide multiple options and contract types, and give your business the best office setup solutions at minimal expense.

Our customer satisfaction value

At TechnoPeak, we are attentive to each client and handle their IT service needs with quality at heart. We collaborate with the best software and hardware providers that offer all necessary resources for high-quality IT support, maintenance, and troubleshooting. We provide maximum power and facilities that any in-house IT support department can bring.

If you need office IT setup services, you can always reach out to our IT company based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to access our 24/7 support service.

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