Network Security Policy Setup & Maintenance

Each data transfer and processing environment must be properly secured from different internal and external vulnerabilities. While it is possible to prevent some of them by standard means (antivirus, firewalls, etc.), a non-professional hardly can design and implement complex protection system from all existing threads. If you value your data integrity, want to protect confidential information from damage and secure corporate informative resources from competitors and hackers, it is highly recommended to hire professionals. TechnoPeak network security specialists provide qualified assistance in network security policy setup and administration that guarantees the highest possible network protection.

Security on All Levels

First of all TechnoPeak security analysts start with your current network operation analysis to detect the resources that require protection and designing a set of protection measures to deploy. Only in such a way security network maintenance services bring the desired result. We study your system first, analyze threads and risks, and then produce solution to strengthen your network security on all levels:

  • Server security helps to arrange secured communications between your data server and external sources;
  • File system security helps to configure files and folders protection from loss, damage, stealing, etc.;
  • System services security restricts the use of numerous data processing services in the network;
  • User and user groups permissions management restricts access to network resources for specific users or user groups;
  • Local computer protection restricts access to computers in the network;
  • Account management helps to set user account protection and prevent unauthorized access.

These are not the full list of network security setup procedures that are performed as part of security policy implementation. There can be additional measures depending on specific network structure and customer requirements. Further computer network maintenance is required to control the compliance with the implemented network security rules, testing their efficiency, timely improvements and resolving any issues related to the system functioning.

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