VPN Network Monitoring

The Importance of VPN Network Monitoring

VPNs are the way that most multisite companies are able to stay connected. From browsing the internet privately, to accessing company networks securely and remotely, VPNs have many uses. But one of their most important features is that they give you peace of mind. This article will explore why it’s so important for your business to have VPN network monitoring and how vpns can help keep you safe in a variety of situations.

What is a VPN?

When a business grows to the point that they need to have remote offices firewalls are put in place that can create site to site VPNs. These are typically done with IPsec tunnels. These tunnels allow our remote sites to be able to connect and exchange traffic. If these tunnels were to suddenly go down, then the remote site would not be able to connect back up with our main office. They’d also have no way of accessing any resources that are on your network or connected devices such as printers, copiers, call centers, etc.

In order for you to protect your business, you need to have a VPN tunnel monitoring in place. It’s important for this to be done on both ends to have site to site VPN monitoring working so that you can know where the problem is. That's why Technopeak installs VPNs for all our it support AMCs. 

Where do I setup VPN monitoring

VPN monitoring can be done in a variety of ways. One way is to have IPsec VPN monitoring set up on the remote site and then IPsec tunnel monitor running at your main office location . This should allow you to see if there are any problems with IPsec tunnels from that end. This may also allow you to see if the tunnel is up but there are other issues on your site.

Why VPNs are important?

VPNs are an integral part of today’s digital life. They provide a private way for anyone to access the internet and they protect companies by providing them with secure remote networks that their employees can use

No matter the situation, it’s important to have vpn network monitoring in place so that you can know when something goes wrong and quickly fix the problem before any damage has been done.

Do we really need to monitor our VPN?

It may seem difficult at first but having IPsec vpn monitoring set up is a necessity for business owners who want to keep their data safe and in one place.

The main benefits when you implement VPNs and VPN Traffic Monitoring in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are:

  • Encrypted Communication
  • Remote access to company resources
  • Enhanced security from Malware and other threats
  • Increased Uptime and business productivity

In this age of distributed workforces it is more crucial than ever to not only have a VPN but also to monitor the tunnels to make sure that our business stays safe, connected and productive.

Our information security experts, as the part of one of the best local infrastructure solution provider Dubai, have extensive experience in this area and are ready to use in choosing the best models for creating a VPN network for your enterprise and the practical implementation of this technology in the workplace.

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