Data Storage Solutions

What Can Data Storage Services Do for You?

Whether you're running a website or need business data available for all of your employees, colleagues, team members, or shareholders, data storage systems are the key.

Here are a few data storage solutions for businesses that need fast, efficient, cost-effective, and scalable data control.

Mirrored Data Storage for Web Services

Web management means delivering fast, efficient information without wasting resources you could be putting somewhere else. If you have a customer-facing website--and especially if you have downloads to serve-visitors will avoid you if your site is too slow. How do you solve the problem?

The obvious answer of choosing a fast web host is at the top, but what else can you do? If your site or service is popular enough, you need alternative ways to get information to visitors.

Mirror sites are a vital part of any web service once it picks up in popularity. Mirroring has efficiency options, too. Offering alternative downloads isn't very helpful if some users get an old version. Updating your mirrored resources can be automated using web technology that has nothing to do with your local internet, saving you from a lot of Internet Service Provider (ISP) headache.

Cloud services storage can cut out a lot of the technical effort and make things a lot more efficient. Instead of you worrying about whether mirrored sites and files are updated, all of your mirrored content can stay updated as much as possible.

If there is a natural disaster or major internet issues in the Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or general UAE area, having a mirrored version of your data in Europe, Asia, or the Americas can preserve your productivity until you're ready to get started again.

Not quite big enough for all of this planning, or not sure whether you need mirroring yet? Cloud based data storage is scalable, meaning you can add and remove the amount of sharing and updating per pay period.

Need a faster update after seeing a feature that looks nice? Just contact us for a service update.

Ransomware and Disaster Protection via Backups

Ransomware has no real solution yet. Backups, however, give you a better chance at dodging the problem completely.

To the top bidder, there are major engineers and governments that can work on unlocking data affected by ransomware attacks, and there are fake ransomware viruses that can be fixed using conventional virus removal and recovery techniques.

There is another way to keep your data safe and get back on track after an attack on your data. A strong data backup and efficient, safe recovery technique can get your systems up and running after ransomware wreaks havoc upon your data.

The concept is simple: restore the backups of good, untouched data. After ransomware ruins your data, you can simply replace your systems with good data from your cloud archive storage.

Unfortunately, backups can be corrupted as well. If a ransomware attack happens and the virus data is saved as a backup, those backups are now tainted. This happens if information isn't being scanned daily; if no one notices that the data is already corrupted, there's a big business problem that needs to be addressed.

Having a strong security team, an active and aware IT staff, and a backup plan that has multiple copies-preferably multiple days or weeks that aren't connected with each other to avoid virus spread — can give you more chances if mistakes happen.

Just the same, a ticking time bomb of ransomware that activates after a certain time can ruin your fails.

If It's Data, We Can Help

At Technopeak, we specialize in cloud based storage for business and high-volume personal use. If you have major demands or need to scale web services to meet different levels of use, we can help.

Finding quality data storage solutions for business users doesn't have to be a slow crawl through free services with overpriced, unclear services. Our 24/7 support, networking services, managed services, and IT consulting for various parts of the tech skill tree can put your business on the right track for massive tech growth.

For more information on the data storage services we provide, visit our website and use our Contacts link.

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