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TechnoPeak offers IT solutions for arranging a custom IT network for your corporate or private needs. We are experienced IT solutions provider with many years of experience in providing IT infrastructure, security and cloud solutions. The service includes consulting, analysis of customer needs and producing a solution that fully satisfies them. After agreeing all project details, FirstBIT engineers start implementation, setup and proper testing. As a result of our team work a customer receives fully workable solution. Our IT solutions company offers further maintenance and support for solutions of any complexity.

IT Infrastructure Solutions for Business

Each IT infrastructure requires data center or server deployment with further adjustments of data exchange network. As a complex IT services UAE provider, TechnoPeak offers a wide range of such services for both developing IT infrastructure from scratch or renovation of existing system. There are all possible systems you may require for business:

You can order either a specific item or a combination of aforementioned solutions in complex. If you are not sure what exactly you need, TechnoPeak engineers will attentively analyze your requirements and produce a solution for their implementing. While we mainly perform solutions for business, you can also get an individual solution for non-commercial needs. We are open to every customer who needs assistance in technical aspects of information technologies.

Virtualization and Cloud-Based Services

Cloud technologies are currently in demand due to their flexibility, reliability and universal accessibility. We offer the most innovational cloud solutions in Abu Dhabi that include Virtual Desktop, Office 365, Bitrix24 CRM, Cloud ERP technologies and a lot more. Choosing a cloud you get a fully virtualized environment for data exchange, business planning, monitoring and management with high-level security and operational speed. You can order the entire range of cloud services in our IT solutions company in Dubai.

Information Technology Security Services

IT security is essential factor for commercial infrastructure. It creates safe conditions for running business and protecting all your commercial secrets from being stolen or loss. Besides implementing standard security measures our IT services Dubai provider offers thorough analysis of current system vulnerabilities and risks to define what exactly your system needs to improve its safety. We practice complex solutions that include antiviruses, firewalls, data protection systems, wireless security measures, etc. Constant threat monitoring and testing helps to adjust the system for newly appeared threads.

All this powerful range of technical solutions in Dubai is available for TechnoPeak customers. Get more details about them and contact us, if you have any questions regarding this area of our services.

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