IT Audit & Health Check

Understanding the state of your organization’s Information and communication technology is key to making appropriate and informed decisions about your management. In addition, this gives you an edge in recognizing the current business needs and implementing plans accordingly. An IT audit is essentially the evaluation and examination of the information technology infrastructure laid out in your organization.

It includes an evaluation of the operations conducted through this infrastructure and what policies are put in place to ensure that it runs smoothly. Typically, the demand for organizational services in the United Arab Emirates requiring top-grade information technology has been on a steep rise. Therefore, you will need to procure some IT audit services to keep your organization up to speed.

What Is IT Health Check and What Does It Entail?

Essentially, an information technology audit or health check is the process that involves the evaluation of particular aspects of your IT infrastructure. Normally, it involves audit services for all the components of your IT. This includes:

The Backup Strategy

If you already have an already set health check, your IT audit services provider will start with a backup strategy check. Now, the backup strategy is an evaluation of your document security and protection from loss. Typically, information communication technology infrastructure might fail due to causes that are outside your control. If this happens, you will need to ensure that your organization and client’s data are still in place. Most auditing services in Dubai will check your local storage, local backup, remote backup, and cloud backup if you have any. In addition, the audit will check on how your infrastructure responds to interruptions. Once done with the IT infrastructure audit, you will get a complete backup analysis and where you need to improve. Typically, this includes a remote backup location if you don’t have one already.

Anti-Malware and Protection

Most organizations in UAE use Windows operating systems for their daily operations. To ensure that you are protected, IT audit companies check for anti-malware protection in your computers. In most cases, though there is an anti-virus, it does not cover the whole infrastructure in the organization. This leaves some of the computers exposed and vulnerable to attacks.

Security of the Internet

Typically, though some cyber-attacks can be launched from localized devices such as pen drives and digital disks, 90 per cent of them are launched through the internet. Therefore, the audit will evaluate your internet in terms of:

  • Who has access to your network?
  • What sites are visited through your network?
  • What content comes through your network?
  • Are there restrictions?
  • Does your network have internet security?
  • What policies are laid down to protect your internet?

The Internet Speed

Now, it can’t be a health audit if it does not entail a check on your browsing speeds. In most cases, if your services are cloud-hosted, you might experience some lag. In essence, if you are experiencing poor browsing and connectivity, your expert will advise you regarding network equipment or access location.

Stability of the Server Systems

Server failure has been recorded as one of the most common causes of losses in business. In addition, a malfunctioning server can be costly in terms of business failure and infrastructural problems.

Benefits of IT Audit and Health Check

  • Discovery of all the assets and devices connected to your network
  • Listing and compilation of the software packages installed on your infrastructure
  • Infrastructural certainty that will give you peace of mind
  • Better planning for your organization
  • Better compliance

Do you need your IT infrastructure audited?

Most of the time, we don’t realize the need for the audit in time. Therefore, when a crisis strikes, it comes with more devastation. You can get audit services in Dubai or Abu Dhabi by simply contacting us. TechnoPeak consultants who are both highly knowledgeable IT professionals and skilled business management specialists provide our clients with top-notch IT audit services.

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