Software Licensing

What is Software Licensing?

Our definition of software licensing is any documentation containing legal guidelines for the use and distribution of software. Software licensing models were created to provide the user with a legal right to one or more software copies without risking copyright infringement or breaking the law. The licensing agreement also defines the responsibility required for the user to enter into the agreement. Restrictions are imposed regarding the way the software is used.

The terms and conditions for a software license generally include using the software fairly, liability limitations, protections, disclaimers and warranties if the way the software is used results in an infringement on intellectual property. The majority of software licenses are open-source, free or proprietary. Although every agreement is slightly different, the distinguishing feature is the terms necessary for the user to copy or redistribute the software for use or development in the future.

Purpose of Different Types of Software Licensing Models

Different types of software licensing models enable the creation of new revenue streams to provide customers with an exceptional experience. We have found a license increases efficiency while providing insight regarding how the product is used by customers. One of the Middle Eastern IT hubs experiencing the most growth is Dubai. The most popular type of license in this region is currently a software company license. This has become popular among entrepreneurs living in the area.

In Abu Dhabi and Dubai many investors are interested in establishing a new business. In this instance, a software company license is essential. Some of the Free Zones in Abu Dhabi are dedicated to helping investors obtain a Software Company License in addition to assisting with corresponding business activities. Whether an investor intends to establish software licensing models, obtain a software license or start a new company, having the proper support is necessary including support for:

  • Information technology
  • High internet penetration
  • Technology infrastructure
  • Business opportunities
  • Business networks

The demand for software licenses is consistently growing due to the prevalence of software applications in nearly every industrial and commercial sector. A software license is essential for everything from software development to healthcare to manufacturing. The requirements for the users are apparent in every domain. Services offering software licenses are an integral part of every business for success, progress and growth.

A license should protect the software applications with secure subscriptions and license keys generally available. Although the agreement can initially appear complex, it is necessary to ensure protection for both the software company and the user. The software offers businesses a means of managing operations while finding solutions for many of the most common issues. We believe software is essential to protect any business and a license is required to use the product legally.

A software license allows the business to improve the experience of the users and increase efficiency without any concerns regarding legal and copyright issues. The business receives convenient updates on a regular basis to ensure the software remains current and any issues are corrected. We have found this makes daily business routines simpler and easier. Once the right to use the appropriate software has been gained, the benefits are nearly endless. This includes:

  • Minimal downtime
  • Eliminating legal concerns
  • Improved efficiency
  • Solutions for common business issues
  • Business growth
  • Better experience for the users
  • Company expansion
  • Consistent updates
  • Protection through the software agreement

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