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Telephone Systems Implementation

Communication is a basis for any business, and telephone systems are still the most popular method of inner and external communication. TechnoPeak specialists know business phone technologies from the inside and are capable to offer you the most suitable equipment to cover your needs. This is not a privilege of big companies anymore. There are telephone systems for small offices, affordable yet efficient solutions with powerful communication facilities. Modern office phone systems provide further resources:

  • Standard phone service for performing local and international voice calls;
  • Faxing;
  • VoIP;
  • Video conferencing.

IP PBX Systems

Private branch exchange (PBX) systems helps to switch calls between company members, arrange inner phone communication and share a few external phone lines. A big advantage of such office telephone systems is ability to enlarge the capacity with no need to purchase additional hardware and perform additional installation works. That is why such telephone systems for business are highly cost-efficient. Flexible settings, highly-reliable operation are also the strong sides of such technology. Standard set of facilities for Asterisk PBX setup includes:

  • PBX server;
  • IP telephones;
  • Ethernet router;
  • PBX software.

For using all communication services available it is also required to have a broadband Internet connection and VOIP subscription. VOIP telephone systems is a bridge that joins standard telephone communication and modern computer technologies, providing significant cost saving and ability to perform video calls. TechnoPeak is an expert in implementing such systems.

Phone System Setup

Phone network installation includes the assembly of a PBX system, phone and fax apparatuses. VoIP server installation also implies installation of IP gateways and proper software. TechnoPeak specialists perform all onsite work in a timely manner without interruptions in the working process and any other discomfort for company employees. Setup of telephone systems is not finished by installation. Technical specialists thoroughly test connection and all hardware components. After the phone system is up and running, your staff can be trained for correct use of all equipment.

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