Google Apps for Business

TechnoPeak offers setup and maintenance of Google applications for corporate needs. Google Apps are worldwide popular cloud service that features numerous office applications for managing corporate document flow, contacts, mailing, online conferences, etc. Since 2012 Google Apps for small business and bigger enterprises have become paid services. However, you can significantly benefit from proper account deployment and adjustment.

Compared to desktop office solutions, Google Apps feature a few serious benefits:

  • Highly secured cloud-based data storage without hardware breakage risks;
  • Universal accessibility of company-wide information from anywhere via internet connection;
  • High integrity between different services, easy accessibility and management.

TechnoPeak service specialists provide timely technical assistance for the Google Apps users. If your employees are only beginning to learn how to use Google Apps for business, highly professional trainers will hold an efficient training course. We offer complex support for Google Apps setup, maintenance and troubleshooting, being available for assistance round-the-clock. TechnoPeak specialists provide complete setup of corporate Google Apps profile, implementing proper access management and protection. We offer well-organized, easy-to-use and reliable infrastructure for your business operation.

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