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Virtualization methods help to reduce the costs of hardware required for proper IT infrastructure functioning. Another effect of virtualization is ability to run a few operating system on a single machine and providing access to a workplace virtually, i.e. from any location. An employee doesn’t need to sit on his table to have access to his business documents and applications. All these services of hardware virtualization are offered by TechnoPeak. We are one of the leading IT service providers in UAE, and our major purpose is to give customers simplicity and comfort in using numerous IT innovations in their business.

How it Works

Virtualization means creating virtual versions of different operating systems and computers for more universal access. Initially this technology was built for server management, and then moved to another IT spheres. Today’s IT virtualization has much wider use among corporate and individual users. Having a virtual data storage, virtual private network (VPN), virtual machines is highly convenient, as it provides full mobility and accessibility for numerous digital resources.

There are a few important reasons to choose virtualization:

  • It helps to speed up business operation and interaction between different company departments;
  • It provides high data protection;
  • It helps to reduce risks of different system failures and data loss;
  • It provides universal access to data sources and applications.

TechnoPeak develop virtualization solutions individually for each customer. Some virtualization services help to cut hardware-related risks of data integrity due to independency from user hardware stability. Providers of such services rely on highly stable and fault-tolerant equipment with numerous backup protection that preserves data from damages.

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