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Application Support

Numerous commercial organizations are highly reliant on their applications and require constantly high performance of software used in business operation. TechnoPeak offers application maintenance services that help to keep the software you run always up-to-date and resolve any issues occurring while using software products. It is essentially important for companies without IT support departments.

Software maintenance from TechnoPeak covers numerous programs, starting with standard office applications and finishing with server software, ERP system, etc.

The Range of Services

Very often even the program installation may cause problems, if an employee has no experience in such operations. More complex tasks such as maintenance must be performed by professionals who will not cause any complication in breaking software licenses, troubleshooting numerous user issues, etc. This type of services includes:

  • Running timely software updates;
  • Monitoring the operation of existing software;
  • Selection of new software for newly occurred needs;
  • New software installation and adjustments;
  • Software backup copying.

These services also cover OS installation and upgrade, server software, telephone communication software servicing and other technical application

maintenance and support

. You will get complex assistance on all issues related to application usage.

Onsite Application Maintenance vs. Outsourcing

More and more public and private organizations move to using outsourcing specialists instead of hiring onsite support staff. First of all application outsourcing is cost-efficient, as it doesn’t imply office expenses. Another point is the qualification: technical support providers invest much on training their personnel to possess the most up-to-date skills and knowledge. That is why by hiring an outsourcing specialist on application maintenance you get the highest quality assistance.

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