Network Installation & Troubleshooting

Network installation and troubleshooting are among the most popular types of IT services. Every computer owner uses networks, which have been installed to that very end and every now and then require some minor network troubleshooting. In the modern office, network installation is where IT services visibly begin.

Installing a Network

In reality, a properly performed computer network installation should be preceded by careful assessment of business requirements. We at TechnoPeak always indicate this important stage in our network installation proposal. Typically, the installation of network components includes the following:

  • Network cabling installation;
  • Installation of networking hardware;
  • Configuration of routing options.

Professional Services

Although network cable installation may look like a simple procedure, there are important details that amateurs often forget. For instance, when the physical length of an RJ-45 cable exceeds certain limits, some network adapters perform poorly, slowing down the network. One way to combat this is to choose WiFi network installation. In turn, wireless network installation has technical requirements of its own, which most people may be unaware of. The best course of action is to use network installation services provided by a network installation company. TechnoPeak professionals who specialize in network installation service can offer to our clients a wide selection of ready network installation solutions as well as customized ones that will ideally suit the business needs and of the client company and fit within the infrastructure and budget limitations. Additionally, we offer network installation support to those companies that wish to accomplish the simpler part of the job on their own.

Network Troubleshooting

Once a network is properly installed, it should run smoothly 99% of the time. However, modern IT solutions are very complex and therefore minor issues may arise, especially in the first days after the network installation. This is why another important service that our company offers is local area network troubleshooting. Troubleshooting a network involves quick identification of the nature of a problem and applying the solution. Often IT specialists perform troubleshooting remotely, by communicating with the user over the phone or email, running the diagnostics on the remote computer and resolving the issue either on the software level also remotely, or on the physical level by suggesting the necessary action to the user (the most common advice in local area network troubleshooting is to unplug the network cable and plug it in again). As a rule, troubleshooting network components should not take a long time, unless the problem is serious and demands more sophisticated counter-measures. In any case, when troubleshooting the network for your company office is needed, TechnoPeak IT experts are ready to provide excellent service and ensure the smooth operation of your business.

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