Managed Security

Managed Security

Cybersecurity is a hot topic regarding technology and interconnectivity. If your organization’s business model is based around the internet, stores sensitive data, or even intellectual property, it can be a target. As such, it is a good idea to put in place a managed security solution. Here, we give you insights into why you should consider using Technopeak in Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE for a managed security service:

  • 24 Hour Oversight

A big part of the solution we offer is continuous oversight. With us, you are guaranteed faster re-sponse times no matter what. In addition, we have a team that monitors your system to detect anomalies and avert potential hacks early. It would otherwise require a huge investment in hiring a skilled workforce and, as a side effect, increase the workload on the human resource department.

  • Save on Training Costs

Cyber attacks evolve quickly. Every practicing security personnel has to stay updated on the new risks and threats and mitigate them. Similarly, companies have to install proper security tools and focus on addressing threats as they come and recover from them successfully. It requires regular training programs for the IT team. Offloading this responsibility to a managed security company, saves you tons of money on training while still guaranteeing a competent team and being up to date with current trends.

  • Access to Unique Expertise and Tools

It is especially true for businesses whose core model is not about security and technology. In such cases, working with a service security company can be very beneficial as it will allow the main company to focus on the core business of its operation. In addition, our partnership with security specialists opens up the opportunity for non-tech firms to benefit from the expertise of the best en-gineers in the workforce.

  • Scalability

As your business grows, you want to have a reliable team on your side. One that will guarantee the system is airtight at all times. So we provide a large pool of resources to use as an additional work-force on-demand with a third party like us. It is one of those scenarios that we see the advantages of horizontal scaling vs. the good old vertical scaling.

  • Faster Deployment

When working with a tight timeline, using a third party to handle security can significantly reduce the time between production and deployment. The production team can test and ship the technology that someone somewhere is watching the system in the worst-case scenario and will stop any in-truder if need be.

At TechnoPeak, we design and provide managed IT security for our clients in the UAE, Nether-lands, Russia, and the Czech Republic. Our team consists of over 500 certified professionals who work tirelessly towards meeting your business needs. Our process starts with logging and auditing the system, after which we study the flow of data.

Upon detecting a vulnerability, we develop innovative solutions as to how we will secure the system from being exploited. On top of that, we also help companies achieve compliance with the relevant data laws in their working environment and provide secure backup systems such that our clients never lose their data. Are you looking to secure your system? Get in touch with us today for comprehensive and workable managed security services.

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