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Managed Security

If you have no information security department in your team or you need professional assistance for enforcing your data security for business, TechnoPeak is ready to help. Our professionals are specialized in all aspects of security in computer systems and ready to offer each client an individual managed security plan that will meet the budget demands and minimize the risks of data damage or theft.

Smart Security Principle

There are no limits in improving security, but the key point here is to guarantee the required security level without extra costs. That is why our managed security services are based on thorough analysis and risk assessment that give direction of required arrangements and improvements. TechnoPeak, as a managed security service provider, delivers highly flexible service that work directly in the way a customer wants, improving the efficiency of security system from all sides. We control all data exchange directions, all devices and environments involved in this process, providing complex protection from inner and external threads.

What You Will Get

Highly qualified managed security service from TechnoPeak specialists gives customers important benefits:

  • Optimizing the expenses on data protection;
  • Improving the effectiveness of corporate security system;
  • Simplifying regulatory compliance by applying modern data protection techniques;
  • Minimizing the influence of human factor on data security;
  • Providing proper data backup to prevent data from loss or damage.

Achieving the Expected Security Level

Effectiveness of data protection directly depends on ability to analyze the current system state and making proper conclusions from such analysis. TechnoPeak security engineers start working on each security level from analysis – logging current operations with data, defining the system vulnerabilities. This is the basis of managed services security. Based on the obtained statistics, TechnoPeak professionals produce a plan of security improvements required to adapt the system for customer’s requirements. The best innovational technologies and approaches are used for managed security system implementation.

Customer Testimonial

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