Cloud Solutions

Cloud-based technologies gained large popularity among organizations due to the flexibility and comfort of operation they bring. Cloud data storages, office applications, documents, annual maintenance contract services and other techniques are used almost in every business. If you need high-quality and efficient cloud IT solutions, TechnoPeak is ready to implement them for your business. Our specialists will help you to get maximum benefit from this approach that includes the following:

  • Speed of operation: cloud apps process data 60% faster than standard ones, such high performance is essential in managing numerous documents at multi-user mode;
  • Security: cloud environment is safely isolated form third-parties due to highly reliable access management and data encryption;
  • Cost-efficiency: cloud technology solutions help to save money on licenses.

In general, cloud services help to achieve business objectives faster, providing quicker process operation. And moreover, they make you independent from hardware failures.

The Area of Use

Now cloud computing is called ‘a future of small and medium business’ due to its efficiency and minimal cost. Such solutions can be used for almost any purpose: emailing, communications, document processing, database management, etc. As one of the major cloud solutions Dubai and Abu Dhabi providers, TechnoPeak offers the latest products in this area that utilize maximum functionality alongside with affordable pricing.

Modern cloud services bring a wide range of applications with regular updates. A company can order both computing resources (PaaS – platform as a service) and program services (SaaS – software as a service). TechnoPeak engineers will assist in adapting all resources to your specific needs. As a result you get a perfect set of features for maintaining your corporate data flow and it infrastructure services.

The Advantages

First of all cloud technology helps to minimize the initial costs on creating a corporate IT infrastructure. Compared to standard software means, developing the infrastructure using cloud based solutions can be ten times cheaper. There is no need to rent rooms, air conditioning system, security, data backup and recovery services. Renting cloud resources doesn’t imply all these expenses. The responsibility for regular updates is also upon the service providers. Data centers and other cloud storage solutions are highly secured from unauthorized access, data damage and other unwanted effects.

All you need to do is to choose a reliable cloud services provider. TechnoPeak guarantees the best options on the market with highly-qualified technical support.

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