Private Cloud Services

Moving to cloud-based services solves the problems of data security and accessibility alongside with providing utmost quality of environment for operating business online. A private storage cloud is a specific cloud computing model that features a secure environment with limited access for virtual operation. Basically this is a virtual environment that provides a set of physical computing services. Cloud-based technologies guarantee much better data protection compared to hardware based private storages, as could storages are backed up by numerous techniques. As a result, by using private cloud services you practically avoid downtime related to data or computing resources unavailability.

Features and Benefits

Cloud services are a great alternative to outdated local access networks (LAN) that feature the same capabilities plus full virtualization. Therefore, a private cloud service offers the following benefits:

  • High reliability: even with hardware installed internally, a cloud-based virtualized environment brings better stability of operation. Using a cloud service from the third-party is highly reliable due to relying on the high-end data centers.
  • Better control: a cloud service is fully adaptable for the needs of its owner. This means that a company can adjust the cloud fully for its own infrastructure;
  • Energy and cost efficiency: private cloud pricing is cheaper than applying other technologies for arranging the same data processing facilities;
  • High security: private cloud technologies provide much better protection for data than public clouds, and each owner can gain the desired level of protection.

Designing and configuring a private cloud requires certain professionalism and experience. It is highly recommended to apply for professional assistance for these needs.TechnoPeak offers a reliable private cloud solution with optimized infrastructure and utmost security system. Your private cloud will fully reflect your business specificity and functional needs.

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