Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

In order to be sure that your corporate data will stay undamaged whatever happens to your IT system, you need a reliable backup solution and proper disaster recovery mechanisms. In case you have a full data backup, you can easily restore information in case of loss or improper modification. TechnoPeak offers highly efficient cloud backup solution that has serious advantages compared to common backup techniques.

The Benefits of Cloud Backup

TechnoPeak engineers deploy a backup system that performs automatic backup copies of certain information. Usually it is information that is valuable for business. A cloud computing backup technology implies storing such copies on a cloud – a virtual storage space outside the company's physical servers. A service of server cloud backup makes it highly tolerant to any hardware problems and secures information from theft and modification due to powerful encryption mechanisms. Moreover, it offers the following advantages:

  • It is setup once and works fully automatically making backup copies on a preset schedule;
  • Your cloud storage backup profile is accessible regardless of your location: you can connect to it via mobile device, laptop or computer;
  • There is a convenient synchronization between numerous devices that is highly useful for team work.

Disaster Recovery

Our cloud backup solutions help to preserve numerous IT resources from damage, including files, documents, applications and even data servers. Depending on the required scale, you will be offered different cloud online backup plans. You also get 24/7 technical support and maintenance service for proper backup system configuration and testing. Cloud-based technology offer one of the most powerful and easy disaster recovery solutions that require only one click to make your system up and running again. Feel the advantages of these techniques in action with the help of TechnoPeak.

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