IT Out-staffing

IT Outstaffing

About two decades ago, it wasn't easy coming across an IT outstaffing company. During that era, having an IT department was considered a lucrative deal, and every organization wanted to have at least one IT specialist in the team. Even small businesses had an all-rounded IT professional who handled all technical issues in the office or IT support AMC Dubai.Gradually, these businesses shifted from hiring information technology specialists to hiring contractors on a project basis. The need for project-based IT specialists eventually paved the way for the existence of outstaffing service providers. Currently, IT departments are only available to a few organizations, while most companies prefer a more flexible and all-inclusive 24/7 IT assistance from professional information technology providers.

And that's why we decided to establish TechnoPeak, a fast-growing system integrator offering high-quality services in technology services, business automation, and digital transformation. Our company has more than five years of experience in providing IT support services and has been recognized as the best local provider of IT support services across the UAE.

So, if you are looking for IT outstaffing services for your business organization in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, then TechnoPeak will do the trick. We offer every IT support services you may need with quality at heart. With a team of 500+ IT specialists set to use their skills and expertise to see your project through while guaranteeing over-the-top quality services.

Our Outstaffing Solutions to Your Dubai or Abu Dhabi based Company

At TechnoPeak, we provide outstaffing services that ensure customers' satisfaction for your Dubai or Abu Dhabi-based business. By hiring our outstaffing service, you get:

  • exceptional technical support in maintaining your computer systems;
  • data transfer services, and;
  • communication services;
  • Network configurations;
  • 24/7 technical support;
  • software installation;
  • custom application development.

All this will be availed to you without going through the troubles of paying for IT personnel upkeep. Our company is home to the best IT specialists who are more than ready to be part of your team. But we don't stop at that. Our IT outstaffing company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can go an extra mile by using the company's resource pool to meet your large project requirements

Benefits of Outstaffing with Us

Various business organizations around the world bank on outstaffing to cater to their IT needs. Hiring our outsourced IT specialists is beneficial in that:

  • It saves on the time taken to look for specialists with a required set of skills;
  • It guarantees High quality IT maintenance services;
  • It saves expenses on personnel upkeep when hired on a remote basis;
  • It saves on office space when employed on a remote basis.

The Quality of Our Outstaffing Services

Our company gives you the option to hire both onsite and remote specialists on a contract basis. We will consider all your project requirements and assign the best skilled IT professionals with extensive knowledge, skills, and experience to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. At TechnoPeak, IT outstaffing services are the easiest and the most attractive. Our IT professionals will follow your corporate rules to the latter and comply with your company's security policy and regulations.

We also offer you the choice to hire our staff as part-time specialists or a full-time team as required by your organization. And you don't need to worry about the upkeep of our specialists as they work on your project because we handle all human resources and payment of the specialists you hire while they work as employees in your business.

Our Outstaffing Accountability

By choosing us as your outstaffing company, we will assign a dedicated IT consultant to prioritize all your company's needs and ensure that they are all met to satisfaction. We believe that our team of dedicated specialists will provide the most efficient solutions to satisfy your needs. At TechnoPeak, we deal with all your IT problems, from internet service providers to server warranty providers. Reach out to our company of IT infrastructure services Dubai and Abu Dhabi and let us do the heavy lifting.

At our IT support company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we offer the best quality IT outstaffing services to handle your projects within the scheduled time and deliver quality services that surpass your expectations.

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