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IT Security Solutions

If the current security system doesn’t provide enough protection to your business information or you are just planning your future IT security, it is highly reasonable to apply for professional services. TechnoPeak will help to design and implement a comprehensive set of data protection means at optimal budget. TechnoPeak is one of the major information security Dubai providers deploying highly reliable data protection solutions for small and big enterprises. Commercial data security requires the highest quality, and our experts offer the best innovation in this area.

Our Approach

A lot of cyber threats and other security problems can be automatically prevented by deploying a proper security plan. It is possible to minimize the risks of penetration into your IT system, as well as eliminate inner threats to keep data secured from any damage. Preventive IT security solutions solve up to 95% of problems related to data protection, while the rest is solved by a proper data recovery plan. All together these methods provide maximally strong information security on an enterprise of any scale.

IT Security Services

It is impossible to develop an efficient security system blindly. The complex of TechnoPeak security services includes:

  • Information threats analysis;
  • Risk assessment;
  • Security strategy design;
  • Implementation of data security plan;
  • Penetration testing;
  • Data security audit;
  • Further maintenance and support.

You can apply to a specific service or order the full range of measures for building an effective data security. Our information security UAE department also offers consulting service that let customers to get clear understanding of the modern data protection means, their correct application and combination. We offer both on-site and remote data security systems, custom solutions that will perfectly compatible with your infrastructure.

Data Security Complex

TechnoPeak protects data from all possible points, eliminating threats on every move of information along the system. This IT security UAE provider possesses all proven technologies and the best hardware/software resources for:

  • Endpoint data security – takes care about protecting information on the endpoints of data flow, including strong data encryption;
  • Network security – provides protection of data exchange network from numerous internal and external vulnerabilities;
  • Access management and identity – takes care about proper access distribution and compliance with permissions.

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