Vulnerability Assessment

Preventing a problem is always easier and cheaper than its resolving. This rule is critical for information security – commercial data theft costs much more than measures for protecting the information network from numerous threads. An important step in preventing informational damages is network vulnerability assessment. TechnoPeak features highly qualified specialists in data security and vulnerability analysis and ready to perform the assessment of your current network with further recommendations for required improvements.

Resources for Assessing Network Vulnerabilities

We follow complex approach that covers network analysis on all levels to reveal all internal and external threads. TechnoPeak specialists imply advanced tools that include:

  • Testing servers and other hardware for vulnerabilities by special software means;
  • Web-servers and database vulnerability assessment;
  • Analyzing password and account security strength;
  • System logs analysis.

These means include much more techniques that are applied depending on specific system characteristics. Such security vulnerability assessment complements intrusion detection system creating a powerful tool for overall security analytics.

Vulnerability Analysis is the Basis of Strong Security

After such comprehensive analysis TechnoPeak specialists localize system vulnerabilities and generate a detailed report about their nature and risks they imply. It helps to close security holes before malicious intrusion is made. However, network vulnerability assessment is not limited by detecting external threads. Very often a reason of data loss or damage goes from the inside. It can be explained by improper network use from the side of company employees, insufficient network infrastructure and other factors. The analysis of vulnerabilities from TechnoPeak covers all these aspects.

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