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Complete IT Outsourcing Solutions Dubai & UAE

Back in the dot-com era, an IT outsourcing company was a rare sight. Having an IT department as part of the business team was the hottest trend of the day, and every entrepreneur wanted to have on staff at least one all-around IT specialist. After the dot-com bubble burst, it has become apparent that IT professionals on staff are costly and not always necessary. Slowly but steadily, small, medium, and large businesses started to switch from hiring computer specialists to using contractors on a case-by-case basis. The trend lead to the appearance and evolution of outsourced support providers – companies specializing in offering support services and wholly made up of software engineers, network administrators, and IT technicians. This model proved to be not just viable, but extremely cost-effective: instead of competing with other employers for the best – and quite expensive – on-staff IT experts, now businesses could look outside for the support service offer that best suited their needs.

General Outsourcing Solutions For Your Company

This means we take care of all information technology needs of the client company. From configuring the client's network, servers and workstations to software installation and custom application development to 24/7 technical support and training. When necessary, our general IT outsourcing Dubai branch can tap into the common resource pool of our company and easily meet the requirements of a large project.

Information Technology Consultancy Services

We are happy to provide our clients with consulting services performed by our most experienced and knowledgeable IT specialists. In addition to being a senior expert in a particular area, each of our consultants also possesses a considerable degree of professional latitude and excellent teamwork and leadership skills.

Professional IT Staff

Sometimes, due to logistical and other reasons it makes more sense for an professional to work on site as a part of the client's team, for the duration of a particular project or to carry out a specific duty. We take care of all human resources and payroll aspects of this contractor's employment, but in terms of job responsibilities he or she functions as a client's employee. This practice, sometimes called 'outstaffing', has been gaining popularity in recent years.

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“We are truly please with the technopeak team’s quick response, level of coordination, and the ability to resolve critical issues even on a non-business day. This is the kind of IT support we can rely on for all our business needs. So signing an annual service contract was a logical step.”

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