Network Systems and Solutions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Networking companies in Dubai have network engineers tasked with planning, constructing, and managing networks to ensure that they are optimized and functioning as intended. A network engineer's work is geared towards the foundation of an organization's IT system. The overall performance of our network equipment affects the speed of operations, and that way, our company reaches its business goals. We specialize in providing cost effective IT Solutions which leverage the power of todays modern network technology to give your business a competitive edge in todays fast paced environment.

Networking has dramatically improved in the UAE. It has led to the emergence of several networkinginfrastructure solution providers Dubai. They offer us a variety of services:

Network design and configuration

The network planning and designing process is necessary for ensuring that the network design solutions to be implemented are tailored to the business's needs. Therefore, information security and secure network design are paramount. In addition, information and data are essential intangible business assets. Using our skills and experience, your business can reduce running costs, improve effectiveness, take maximum advantage of the latest network and communications technology, deliver better customer service and grow your business.

Network installation and troubleshooting

TechnoPeak offers installation, troubleshooting and all IT infrastructure services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai that are very popular. Computer owners use networks that have been installed and now and then require network troubleshooting. An adequately established network runs smoothly 99% of the time. However, modern IT solutions are complex and minor issues may arise, especially during the first days after installation. Therefore our compani in Dubai offer you local area network troubleshooting. Troubleshooting a network describes the quick identification of a problem and applying it.

Network security services

The computer network grows together with the business. Therefore, the need for network security is gradually increasing in the modern world and is becoming a priority for businesses. However, the cost of a security breach may exceed the total revenue of a small company and has a long-term effect on large corporations, such as brand reputation damage and loss of customers' trust.

TechnoPeak offers various types of networking solutions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These network solutions include:

  • Remote access and virtual private networks

    For employees who work offsite, a solution allows us to secure access to the company network, applications, and e-mails.

  • Internet connectivity and e-mail

    It is among the network solutions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that ensure in-house e-mail and web servers are administered. We are also offered reliable internet connectivity.

  • Personal Area Network

    The network involves connecting an individual's computer to other devices such as printers, PDAs, or iPads.

  • Local Area Network

    This network involves connecting you to multiple computers in your home or work using cable or wireless connections.

  • Intranet/Extranet

    An intranet is a network used by employees to communicate internally within the company. An extranet network is tailored for internal company use and allows access to clients and vendors outside the company.

  • Networking is an essential feature of the daily running of a business or an organization in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Our network design staff have years of experience configuring and maintaining local and wide-area networks and VPNs using a variety of technologies, solutions supporting our it support amc clients, global manufacturing companies, IT solution providers and security and law enforcement organizations worldwide. You can contact us for more information on quality networking services.

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