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Server Management

What Servers Do

A server management service requires a number of highest qualifications from the service provider. Computer servers are the machines that comprise the heart of a traditional information technology system. Upon receiving a request from another computer, they provide the requested data, which they either grab from a special storage location or store on their own. For this reason, servers must be powerful, securely protected from both virtual and physical threats, and running practically all the time.

Server Management at a Glance

Depending on a particular situation, server management services may involve:

  • Constant performance monitoring;
  • Frequent and regular data backup;
  • Rregular software updates;
  • Information security procedures;
  • Analysis of request statistics;
  • Physical maintenance;
  • Emergency measures such as backup server use and memory hot-swap;
  • And others.

Better Done by Experts

Naturally, all these operations require a high degree of skilled effort and ought to be entrusted to a server management company. At TechnoPeak, we have specialized server management experts prepared to carry out all necessary tasks in Windows server management as well as Linux server management and resolve any issues that might arise over the course of the server operation. For those clients using dedicated or virtual servers provided by a third party, we offer the full range of remote server management services.

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