technopeak has signed an AMC contract with Unity Resource Group

November 2014


Being an international consultancy and risk management solutions provider, Unity Resource Group needs to stay always online. Ability to communicate with customers is critical for the company. Therefore the company requires the flawless quality of IT service.

This year Unity Resource Group decided to change the previous IT service provider and signed a contract for IT maintenance with technopeak. Searching for a new contractor, Unity Resource Group management searched for the best quality-price ratio among available IT support and maintenance companies. technopeak offered better quality of service at affordable price.

technopeak is one of the leading providers of various IT services, custom software for business management, data security solutions and many other products worldwide. The company’s specialists have individual approach to each client that helps to offer perfectly matching solutions to every customer’s need.

According to the contract, technopeak duties include maintenance of server infrastructure with backup system, data security system and remote access to a corporate network, and digital telephony. technopeak IT specialists are also responsible for the maintenance of all personal computers in the corporate network. The entire IT infrastructure of the company must be fully workable 24/7.

After 3 months of trial technical support Unity Resource Group company assured itself of the excellent service quality and signed a one-year contract for IT maintenance with technopeak Technologies. All required assistance and control is provided by remote IT specialists who timely prevent all possible issues.

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