18 years of shared success

July 2015

technopeak Company is celebrating 18th anniversary

The technopeak Company, a IT business solutions provider, is celebrating its 18th anniversary. Over this period, we have accumulated valuable experience in serving the individual needs of each client and have developed a range of industry-specific automation applications using the solid 1C platform. The long-term relationships that we maintain with our customers give us a unique perspective on the way our software solutions work over the years as the business they help manage grows. Armed with this knowledge, we can confidently offer the solution that will fit the needs of your business precisely.

The most valuable resource of technopeak is our team members. They are carefully selected out of the best candidates and trained extensively, so that in the end we have expert-level IT professionals who know their own work to the tee and possess enough latitude to see the bigger picture. A technopeak specialist understands that we aim to fulfill our clients' needs and exceed them, always willing to walk the extra mile and provide the solution that will optimize the business operation of the client's company.

In Russia, every 9th company is a customer of ours. We are proud of this fact and make every effort to come to the same result in other regional markets, including the Middle East. We are happy to offer FirstBIT ERP, a business automation product developed by our company specifically for the Middle Eastern market, automation services and consulting, other information technology services and hardware.

We provide a wide range of automation solutions for large-scale corporations and small companies alike. Our IT professionals are always ready to offer an expert consultation and a solution that will fit the needs of your business most effectively.

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