technopeak helped Quick Registration office to avoid costly downtime by timely technical assistance

February 2015
Quick Registration company faced serious problems with its network connection with RTA that could cause serious financial losses due to inability to perform standard business operations and work with customers. However, timely assistance from the side of technopeak specialists helped to fix all the problems and restore the full office operation in three hours. 
Quick Registration is a well known vehicle testing and registration center in UAE that is an official partner of RTA (Roads and Transport Authority). In the evening the company faced problems with inner network connection and connection with RTA that are critically important for its operation. In consequence of these problems the company was unable to continue its commercial activity. There are more than 40 people working in Quick Registration computer network. 

To minimize the downtime, technopeak IT engineer came to Quick Registration office early in the morning to detect and fix the source of network breakdown. The hardware diagnostics has shown that Cisco central router was broken. In 2 hours technopeak provided the required equipment with proper setup that helped to restore full office operation with connection to RTA office. 

technopeak professionals continued their work to make Quick Registration company’s network secured from similar breakages in future. During non-working hours IT engineers implemented two similar routers in the system. In case if the operating router breaks down, it will be easy to switch to another one and restore the system operability in a couple of minutes, avoiding loss-making downtime. 

As a result of such quick and efficient assistance from the side of technopeak team, Quick Registration hired technopeak specialists for complete IT audit of its data processing network and further system upgrade with the required improvements.

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