technopeak and Bitrix agreed on a business partnership in Middle East Region

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technopeak, one of the leading global IT solutions providers, based in Dubai has signed a long-term business partnership with Bitrix. 
Bitrix, headquartered in Alexandria, VA, is a successful well-known brand that works on the complex developing and implementation of business communications for local and global well-known companies around the world. Bitrix is recognized among the TOP-3 most popular commercial CMSes worldwide by W3Techs. During the term of 1998 – 2015 the company successfully launched several IT solutions for business and got a significant list of loyal clients from different countries and regions. Bitrix provides complex overall IT solutions and services for customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small organizations, including well-known enterprises like Xerox, Samsung, Volkswagen, KIA, Gazprom, Vogue and PC Magazine. 

Singing of a long-term contract of technopeak and Bitrix has transformed into a strategic vision and concrete plan of activities by reason of similar values and visualization of doing business. 

As part of the business partnership, technopeak will represent one of the most demanded and world-known service of Bitrix – Bitrix24. Bitrix24 service is the final evolutionary stage of Bitrix Intranet and Extranet solutions (Bitrix, Inc. products) which was launched as a beta cloud-based service in April, 2012. Bitrix24 is a highly secure, turnkey intranet solution for small and medium-sized businesses designed for effective collaboration, communication, social networking, and workflow as well as knowledge management. The product enables increased employee productivity, motivation and awareness and smoother internal operations. 

As of today, the territory of maintaining and presenting Bitrix24 is going to be the Middle East region. The range of potential customers together with the new clients is from local small businesses to well-known world brands, currently operating in countries of the Middle East. 

technopeak provides effective and the most demanded IT solutions and services to leading businesses, active in financial and banking sphere, construction and agribusiness industries as well as servicing companies all around the world.

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