Implementation of IP PBX system for Knowledge Way

August 2016


IP telephony is a valuable tool for any successful business. Knowledge Way – the GCC’s first and only local educational services agency accredited by both the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), recently had been facing failures in IP telephony operation.

The agency needed to increase the capacity of their IP telephony system. More lines were required in order to ensure uninterrupted phone service. Other features the agency needed were out-of-office telephony access, voice mail services, and the possibility to collect analytical and statistical data. Tight schedule made all these issues even harder to resolve: everything had to be done within 2 days and without stopping the operations.

To remedy the situation, technopeak, an international business support and IT services provider, implemented their solution, FirstBIT PBX. New Huawei phones were installed, technical issues with Etisalat service provider were resolved, and a data backup system was established. The use of this technology helped streamline the operation of server hardware. Moreover, all the work was done fast and without interrupting the agency’s daily business.

As a result, Knowledge Way saw an increase in the number of incoming calls and was able to launch a new marketing campaign. With the new capacities, not a single call has been left unanswered. Also, a real-time analysis feature was added.

“The work done for us by technopeak was perfect. The technopeak specialists were professional and provided us with all the information we needed. They paid great attention to our needs, their job was quick and efficient. Now our IP telephony capacities are much larger, and we can say that the FirstBIT PBX solution is very convenient to work with”, Saqib Javaid, the Finance & HR Controller of Knowledge Way says.


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