How To Prevent Data Breaches

May 2022

Data beaches are an unfortunate fact of modern life. Some of the largest and most secure companies in the world have been victims in recent years. They have cost large and small companies billions of dollars.

These companies have been forced to adapt and update their data security procedures. They have spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out how to prevent data breach. Taking a proactive approach to these topics can help ensure that a company reduces their chances of a serious breach by as much as possible.


Review software

One of the first steps that a company interested in preventing data breaches can take is to review all of the software that it is using. This software review should include both breach security and non-security software. It includes firewalls and antivirus programs as well as communications, payment, and web interfaces.

Companies should review their security software to make sure that it is up-to-date and is meeting all of the company's needs. This software should be tailored for the particular field that a company is in as well as that company's size.

Larger companies may have much different security needs than smaller companies. Health care companies require a greater degree of safety and security when it comes to transactions involving patient data.

But security software is not perfect. It is easier for security software to protect against threats if all of the other openings to a company's data are as secure as possible. Companies should move towards encryption to protect their communications and payment systems as well as any sensitive data they collect for one reason or another.

They also need to review their updates procedures and put software on a cycle of updates and potential new purchases. All safety enhancements should be handled by data security procedures so that a potential new product can be properly evaluated and potentially adopted if it will help the company.

Keep training up to date

Security software and encryption are helpful for companies that want to protect their data. But they are usually at the center of data breach meaning for most observers. Software systems are far from perfect at stopping data breach meanings when human beings are involved. Software systems are only as secure as the human beings that are interacting with them on a daily basis.

People cannot act in the kinds of rote, established ways that software systems can. They get tired and forget what they learn at different training sessions. They sometimes drop their guard and click on emails that they are not supposed to click on. It just takes one momentary lapse in judgment to cause a severe breach at a company.

Fortunately, this tendency has been studied closely over the past two decades. Training regimens are able to keep employees from making the kinds of mistakes that lead to breaches. They have established procedures in place that reduce human error and keep employees vigilant.

For instance, one common training approach is for employees to be sent fake phishing emails that they are requested to report. Employees who click on these emails anyway receive blatant warnings ensuring that they know what they did wrong and will not make such a mistake in the future.

Be aware of new techniques

Companies need to be aware of all new ways in which companies have their data stolen. There should be an employee or sector tasked with the job of collecting information from news stories and research within the field about these breaches. They should be making regular updates to a company's data security plan that account for these changes. This approach will help companies be more vigilant and prepared against the newest way hackers have devised to take over a company's data.

Create a plan

Companies have to try as hard as they can to avoid future breaches. But they must also be prepared if a breach does happen. Some companies have done tremendous damage trying to contain the fallout from a breach.

They have sent out conflicting messages and explanations that turned out to be false. Some victims of data breaches have even been scammed in the future by companies offering to provide "insurance" or a means to recover information. These secondary scams only further the embarrassment and financial harm that a data breach can cause. It can also lead to a cascade of regulatory problems and potential lawsuits that may not have emerged with the initial breach.

Following data breaches, companies are often scared and disorganized. This status is why it is essential for them to know data breach what to do. The plan should tell every relevant employee how to respond and how to deal with the media. There should be a messaging system put in place and an immediate plan to stop the breach in order to ensure the protection of any data that the thieves did not acquire.

Next, there must be a system in place where companies can determine exactly what was stolen. This communication can be helpful to prevent a cascading effect which keeps a company's cyber security failures in the news for an extended period of time. The process of determining what was stolen should go together with the process of determining exactly how the breach occurred.

Forensic analysis should be able to detect the exact moment when the data leaked. This data breach check can be done relatively quickly with outside support. Finally, the company needs to put together a plan that ensures the particular failures surrounding the leak never happen again.

They also should retrain their staff if human error had anything to do with the data breach. Such retraining can be helpful at reducing insurance rates and showing vendors and other actors that a company takes cyber security breaches seriously.

Security breaches have become commonplace in our technology-based world. They can still damage a company's reputation and lead to substantial losses. Companies have to be aware of previous cyber security breaches and the techniques that hackers used.

They must shore up their human and technological defenses. Finally, they must implement a plan that minimizes any damages from a breach that does occur. These steps can all help data managers and executives rest easier when they consider their company's data security.

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