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How to choose the right IT Support and Maintenance Company

July 2021

Hiring a professional IT company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is something any business conscious about improving its internet security and maintenance wants to do. Failing to outsource for IT support service means that you'll have to waste a lot of time and resources to maintain your IT equipment. Investing in a reliable IT support service company gives you an upper hand over your competitors. However, you have to be careful since not all companies are reliable.

So, how do you pick the best out of the hundreds of top IT companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi? You will realize that each one claims to be reliable and has the most responsive customer support team. Some companies may try to amaze with industry jargon- don't fall for that trick. Others may try to awe you with 'unbeatable prices'. Having an understanding of your business needs is the first step.

Have you been seeking to find the best IT support and maintenance company? Look no further. We will take you through what you should ask yourself and the potential IT support service provider.

Part 1: What are the needs of your business?

Understanding your business goals should always be the first step in identifying an IT support service company. We often find clients who have no idea of where they want their businesses to be. Coming to the table with an idea of your business goals will allow us to create a robust service relationship.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself

What's the condition of your business now?

Before you think about sourcing for our services, it's essential to assess the current situation. However, evaluating your current technology stock can be a daunting task, particularly if you're not an IT guru. However, we have a checklist to aid in the assessment. While answering these questions, you'll understand where your business is now.

  • Do you have enough IT equipment?
  • When last did you purchase new equipment?
  • Is everything in the right condition?
  • Is there equipment older than five years?
  • Is your business compliant with the set IT laws?
  • How do you ensure your data is protected from data breaches?
  • Are there technological upgrades you'd want to introduce?

Where do you want to see your business in the future?

It's essential to have your vision and future business in mind before choosing an IT company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Check your growth trends over the previous two years. Although you can't ideally use previous results to determine your future, it comes in handy to assess how fast your business may be growing.

As your business grows, you'll encounter new challenges, and you need scalable IT solutions to weather the storms. For example, you may not have many workers working from home now, but you might need to increase that number in the future. That means that you will have different technological needs, and you'll need an experienced company to take you through the changes.

What you need information technology to do for your company

List what you expect your technology to do for you. It's essential to let the service provider know how you carry out your activities. You don't need a service provider that doesn't specialize in what you do.

Common day-to-day activities you're likely to do include file storage, emailing, syncing, faxing, and digital collaboration. However, you might also have specific accounting software, customer relationship management software, and fundraising tools that need specialized IT skills. Although your IT support and maintenance company may not manage your tools' technical aspects, they need information about how you use the programs. This will enable them to know the level of IT security you need.

How much are you willing to spend?

It would be best if you considered your budget. How much money would you want to use on IT? Remember that the prices are affected by inflation, especially if you choose to have long-term investment. You don't have to make upfront payments at Technopeak every time you require IT support and maintenance services. We will help you prioritize your needs and offer services within your budget.

Then you consider the payment structure. You can pay monthly, yearly, or after a long duration. Also, consider checking whether the charges align with your business. Being truthful about your financial condition enables the service provider to pick the most suitable package.

Part 2: what to ask the potential IT companies

Now that you already know what you need make sure you say it openly. Don't be afraid to ask questions to ascertain whether they can handle your IT maintenance. You will also get to know about discounts and other additional services they offer. Start the conversation by letting the potential service provider know that you understand the dynamics of your technology.

Here are some of the few factors you should check

What services does the company provide?

Not all top IT companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the perfect fit for your business. You will find some with expertise in data back up while some are good at networking and cloud-based storage. However, we offer a wide range of services at Technopeak. From 24/7 IT support, network to IT consulting, we have more than you need.

Don't forget to learn how equipped the potential company is. While you might feel okay hiring any support team, knowing that the professional company can handle most of your problems gives you peace of mind.

What's their average response time?

Although top IT companies may guarantee faster response and customer support, it's imperative to check how they've previously worked with other companies. Depending on your company and team's nature, you may require a certain degree of responsiveness and communication.` An ideal IT company should offer frequent system assessment, remote support, and a fast, responsive team.

It's important to tell your expectations to your service provider. We know that some customers need a robust relationship than others, so be clear about what you expect from us. It would be best if you also considered whether you'd wish to expand your business globally. At Technopeak, we're with you every step of the way, even when it means expanding your business abroad.

Check customer reviews

Remember to ask from current and previous customers. Ask the potential IT support company to share contact information for customers you can talk to. Searching for the company online is also an excellent way to check the credibility of the potential service provider. Dissatisfied customers are most likely to give a negative comment on the service provider's social media pages. According to statistics, our rating of satisfaction of regular customers is 9.3 / 10.Our commitment is to ensure we offer professional services at unbeatable prices. From our customers' testimonials, you can tell that we are an IT company in Dubai that you can trust.

At Technopeak, we have received nothing but positive feedback. Our commitment is to ensure we offer professional services at unbeatable prices. From our customer reviews, you can tell that we're the best IT company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

  1. How secure are the services?

In as much as you'd want to hire a professional company, remember that you need secure IT support services. It's not pleasant to lose client data, sensitive information, and business information. Always make sure you ask about how serious the potential company is about their customer's IT security. Check the solutions they use to prevent different kinds of data breaches.

If security is a concern, welcome to Technopeak. We make sure our service team adheres to strict security measures to guarantee you secure IT support and maintenance services.

Our company complies with such security certificates as ITIL, COBIT, NIST, PMBOK. Also our partners are Acronis, Veeam who are engaged in IT security solutions.

  1. Does the company offer advisory services?

Most IT companies are money-oriented. While money is essential, you also need a service provider that will not only do your repairs but advise you on what you should not do. The best IT companies will guide when making changes in the future.

At Technopeak, we ensure that we inform you and your team on ways to deal with minor issues and recommend the equipment that suits what you want to do. You'll also learn some of the best tactics and tools that could save you a lot of money.

Final words

There you have it! After reading this guide, you don't have to struggle to find a reliable IT Maintenance and support company. Despite asking these questions, the most important thing is trusting and communicating with your service provider


Are you seeking to find professional IT services Dubai and Abu Dhabi? Look no further. Tecnopeak is the leading service provider in digital transformation and business automation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Contact us today to get quality services at unbeatable prices.

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