Implementation of IP PBX system with flexible analytics and multi-office integration for Katrina Sweets & Confectionery

April 2016

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Recent business growth and expansion prompted Katrina Sweets & Confectionery, a successful Dubai bakery and pastry shop, to look for a more capable communications and IT infrastructure. The family-run company sought to automate and streamline the sales as well as connect all branches with a single telephony network in order to improve service quality and save on phone bills.

When Katrina Sweets contacted technopeak Dubai for assistance, the IT solutions provider was happy to oblige. technopeak specialists replaced the old networking equipment with a more powerful one, featuring wireless access functionality, and set up a centralized network connecting the client's offices and shops with one another. The proprietary FirstBIT PBX solution enabling centralized IP telephony has been deployed and augmented with an analytics module for collecting more information about the client company operation, particularly the sales department. The IT experts also conducted a system audit and came up with a plan of IT infrastructure updates.

Upon completion of the project, Katrina Sweets chose technopeak as a contractor for setting up IT infrastructure at its future production facility.

“We're satisfied with the job technopeak has done for us. They have been highly professional and responsible, with top-notch service, and provided everything we needed: telephony deployment, consulting, the analytics for our sales team workload and customer requests and leads. Thanks to the new system, we've launched our own call center and now can make forecast and plan our growth and scalability much better.” - Dmitrij Navidchenko, Industrial manager, Katrina Sweets & Confectionery.

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