Meet the mighty tiny PC from Intel!

September 2020 Meet the mighty tiny PC from Intel!

There are some of our customers which have old and slow computers at the edge of their lifecycle. All the peripherals are fine - monitor, external drives, and mouses but the computer is slowing down the work extremely. Most of the users will prefer to free the space on and under their desks and especially for these cases, Intel’s program “NUC” was born. NUC stands for " Next Unit of Computing" and it is a very small but powerful computer that has an extremely high level of upgradability, the comfort of maintenance, and convenience for the end customers.

Recently, the new generation of these computers was announced. It is called NUC 11 PRO Tiger Canyon and meant especially for business use. They’re featuring processors from the i3/i5/i7 lineup with the 4 core i7-1185G7 on the top. Also, they might have up to 64GB of RAM and user expandable storage. The base configuration is starting from 1250 AED and will be perfect as an old desktop replacement.

The main feature of these PC’s - its size is quite impressive, there will be two modifications - tall’ H chassis (117x112x54mm) and ‘slim’ K chassis (117x112x37mm).

These little machines are perfect not only for office work but also for quite demanding tasks like modeling and other types of works where the tasks need to be done as fast, as possible.

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