Deal between Nvidia and ARM - Key Benefits

September 2020 A few days ago Nvidia and Softbank announced that Nvidia is about to acquire ARM Limited in a transaction valued $40 billion. It will be the biggest deal in the semiconductor industry in all its history.

 Nvidia is the most famous developer of the graphical architectures with the biggest market share nowadays. It provides leading technologies in this field, especially in the last few years. And the ARM – is one of the biggest developers of the CPU architectures and the processors based on its architecture, used by such giants like Huawei, Apple, Samsung, Qualcomm, and so on.
Nowadays there are three big players on the server market – Intel, AMD, and Nvidia. Thanks to the merger Nvidia, which has only GPUs to offer for the server market, will be able to provide its own platform with all the latest AI, ML, and processing technologies. This will increase the pace of the competition even more and we, as customers, will only benefit from it.

 TechnoPeak is actively developing support for the Enterprise sector and thus this competition is especially beneficial for everyone. Because of the rising need for AI, ML technologies in this sphere, the latest technologies of all the above-mentioned companies would be the exact thing for our customers in DIFC, Healthcare, Industrial and Educational spheres. These areas are more than others in need for High-Performance Computing. As for us – we will be able to provide more services and hardware for the same price – because all prices will be more adequate because of the competition. Or we could provide the latest and most developed solutions for the financial calculations, simulations, and all the resource-demanding work which is extremely common nowadays.


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