technopeak Dubai is now a VMware Solution Provider Professional Partner

February 2016


In order to serve our customers even better and expand the range of our products and services with a number of cutting-edge technology solutions in the areas of virtualization and cloud computing, technopeak Dubai has become a Professional VMware Solution Provider Partner. The new partnership enables us to offer our clients a more powerful and varied set of highly demanded and efficient IT products and services.

VMware, a renowned virtualization and automation market leader, has long been a developer and provider of premier hypervisor technology ranging from consumer desktop virtual machines to robust and scalable data center solutions to distributed cloud-based applications. A wide variety of secure platforms and powerful tools the company offers has received universal acclaim among corporate users and IT professionals alike.

As a global software development and IT support company, technopeak has accumulated valuable experience in assisting corporate clients with all aspects of business automation and data protection. Pairing our first-hand expertise in solution customization and deployment with VMware's potent and proven technological framework is going to introduce new versatile and powerful capabilities to the solutions provided and bring additional value to our clients.

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