IT Support Tailored for DIFC Companies

June 2019

IT Support Tailored for DIFC Companies


Dubai International Financial Centre is one of the world’s top financial centres and the leading financial hub for the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region. technopeak crated the suit of IT solutions to help DIFC companies face IT challenges: Email security, Firewall, Mail server, Telephony, End point security, Backup.

 Annual Maintenance Contract helps reduce IT costs by 50%, provide IT infrastructure security, and minimize business downtime caused by IT issues:
• Aligning and integrating IT risk management and business continuity capabilities with broader, long-term business strategy
• Improving data and information governance programs
• Deciding which of these new technologies will work to the best interest of advancing the organization, and which are better to avoid for now.
• Effectively organizing, managing and securing growing amounts of data within the organization.
• Managing and strengthening security and privacy for the organization's systems and data is now a top priority across all industries.
• Slow response time, dictatorial actions, or software challenges
• Recommendations on the IT infrastructure upgrade and maintenance cost minimizations

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