technopeak Rescues PACT Engineering Data Servers and Implements a Data Backup System

November 2015


PACT Engineering FZE, a leading Emirati engineering and manufacturing firm with representative offices throughout the world, had a major problem with its central server, whose failure interrupted the company’s work and precluded its communication with partners and clients. The company required urgent technical assistance to restore the operability of its IT infrastructure and prevent future breakdowns.

Lacking proper data backup, the company had to run its major data exchange processes via the broken server. technopeak quickly delivered a new server, having rescued all the data from the old one and restored the company’s operations in less than 48 hours. No critical commercial information was lost in the process.

The next step was to install and configure new server equipment to replace the deficient legacy hardware. technopeak has successfully configured a disaster recovery system in one of PACT Engineering’s plants and its head office to prevent future failures. Now the company is fully protected against any unexpected operation breakdowns due to server issues and data losses.

To secure the data in the company’s plants and offices, technopeak implemented a centralized data backup system based on the Veeam solution, designed specifically to service extremely high volumes of data.

technopeak is always ready to handle emergencies that can compromise the activities of large businesses. The PACT Engineering success story reaffirms the vendor’s professionalism. With technopeak’s support, your corporate IT systems will be securely protected against unexpected disruptions.

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