Urgent Request for Assistance Turns to AMC Contract Between Thomas Home Group and technopeak

November 2015

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technopeak understands that reliable IT environment is critical to any business and thus strives to promptly respond to urgent requests from diverse companies. Thomas Home Group, an international real estate company headquartered in the UK, contacted technopeak support specialist to fix serious problems with its mail server.

With the email service down, Thomas Home Group employees were not able to interact with their numerous customers. The agency’s work has almost stopped as its clients could not receive business emails. Thomas Home Group had to fix the emergency as soon as possible and ensure that it never happens again.

technopeak specialists quickly responded to the request for assistance and restored the mail server operation. In the process, the engineers found several more drawbacks in the customer’s IT system that put its communication and data security at high risk. In particular, they solved issues with the Wi-Fi network, improving its security and stability. Gratified with such a quick remedy of critical problems and smart improvement initiatives by technopeak’s experienced team, Thomas Home Group has signed an AMC contract with the vendor for the operation and maintenance of its entire IT infrastructure.

Several months into the partnership, Thomas Home Group already sees significant improvements in the quality of business communication and data exchange, with zero IT downtime.

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