Embassy of Beauty Contracts technopeak for IT Infrastructure Setup

November 2015


After nearly a year’s break in business, the Embassy of Beauty spa salon, located in Dubai, UAE, needed to redeploy its complete IT infrastructure from scratch. For this reason the company contacted technopeak and requested its assistance in the matter.

Embassy of Beauty is a modern spa offering the whole range of state-of-the-art beauty and health services. The company maintains the highest standards of quality and efficiency and thus needed a high-end IT infrastructure for its business facilities. Due to the break in operation, the existing IT system became totally obsolete, with most hardware and software being outdated and unsupported.

technopeak had to review the remains of the legacy system and find the most cost-effective solution for restoring the required functionality. After analyzing the existing situation, technopeak engineers did everything necessary to upgrade the salon’s cable infrastructure, install a new VoIP system, Wi-Fi equipment and a modern sound system. All the installed hardware and software was thoroughly tested for interoperability and then put into service.

Satisfied with the results of collaboration, Embassy of Beauty has made technopeak its long-term IT partner. Today, technopeak monitors and promptly supports the operation of the spa’s IT system.

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