technopeak Awarded AMC Contract From Muddville

October 2015


technopeak services are applicable to diverse business areas. When it comes to media production, our experts understand all the special needs of this unique industry and have all the know-how and experience to meet them. By signing an annual maintenance contract with Muddville FZ LLC, a leading film and video production and post-production company in Dubai, technopeak puts its expertise into action.

Muddville’s office needed to significantly reorganize its data storage systems based on HPMSA 2040 SAN Storage and Apple Server and implement a data backup system based on Veeam Backup and Replication. The company had urgently contacted technopeak to deliver an enterprise file storage compliant with the most stringent security standards.

technopeak offered a solution that fully met Muddville’s requirements and was awarded an AMC contract for the maintenance of all of its security, data storage and operation systems.

Muddville’s IT landscape required a unique approach, as the company deals with video files that are extremely sensitive to data volume and speed of access to various data resources. This was the reason to opt for an Apple Server solution with an Enterprise HP storage and a fiber link to each workstation.

For backing up archived and current projects, technopeak engineers chose Veeam Backup and Replication. During the implementation, each step was agreed beforehand with the customer’s management team.

technopeak made valuable improvements to the existing IT infrastructure, having completely reconfigured the data storage, exchange and backup systems and prepared a comprehensive report on network architecture and operation. This was a must because the previous IT vendor didn’t provide any information or documentation.

At the moment Muddville has a reliable and properly documented IT system supported by one of the best IT specialists in the UAE.

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